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Nancy Lytle writing as Mercer Addison

It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been

Quote by author George Elliot

My young parents migrated from Oklahoma to Northern California before I was born.  My father felled timber for a living and followed jobs to Oregon where I, the youngest of five siblings, grew up in a small town surrounded by tall majestic fir trees.  

When I was a teenager I became acquainted with author Frank Yerby’s wonderful historical novels.  So instead of reading Nurse Marcy books as one my age was supposed to do, I had my face buried in Yerby’s, The Foxes of Harrow.  While checking out my stack of books, the town’s Liberian would scold me and tell me those stories were for a more mature reader and I had no business reading them.  I would lie and tell her they were for my mother.  

My first try at writing was in school with a close friend.  We stumbled through a story about fire ants that ate everyone in sight.  When the ants gobbled up our hero and heroine our story ended.  I filled diaries with my daily teenage angst.  However, my writing ambitions faded and I put such thoughts of becoming a world renown author aside.

I married my high school sweetheart, settled down, and had two wonderful children, Michael and Whitney, now grown.  My husband and I divorced.  Years later a soft spoken man came into my life and I found love with Ty.  We married, and I now have a stepson, Ryan.  Our little dog, a Shih Tzu named Gracie manages our home with a firm bark.

One day while doing a slow walk on a treadmill in a gym and reading a historical romance, I told myself I could do this.  Write, get published in a snap, heck yeah, easy right!  Not on your life.  I wrote fiction novels, entered contests, won numerous first place awards, queried agents and editors until my rejection letters were so thick they were bursting the seams of my file cabinet.  I took workshops on writing, learned all that I could, and joined numerous writing organizations.  Author Harper Lee and her critically acclaimed, To Kill a Mockingbird, started my admiration for writers of such caliber.

After my day job of almost three decades retired me, I now have more time to write the stories I love.  One such story is Five o’clock Whistle, of which I use snippets from my parent’s childhood in the south to flavor this story.  


Mercer Addison