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A Deceitful Bait/Manhattan 1918

What’s next for Mercer Addison?

Simply put, I will be offering another historical suspense titled A Deceitful Bait, set in 1918 Manhattan. It’s about a spoiled and wealthy, playboy, Jonathan Drake who is the son of a hotel magnate. Jonathan moves through life with thoughts of his entitlement to grandeur and all the trappings that money brings him. The plight of the poor interests him not, nor does fighting for his country in the Great War which is consuming the nation. When Jonathan is framed for murdering his latest love conquest, the star performer of the Follies, he flees the crime scene, and begins a quest to prove himself innocent. Along the way, he encounters Liberty Fitzgerald a health nurse who tries to help him prove his innocence and do so before he is caught and put in prison. Liberty, being on the poor end of Jonathan’s high society scale, introduces him to the way the lower class live. Trying to save Jonathan and not fall in love with him while doing so is a hard task and one that Liberty can’t avoid. This story delves into the chasm between the rich and poor, the people of the theatre, how Manhattan handles the great flu epidemic, but most of all it embraces Jonathan and Liberty’s love story.