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Even Nectar is Poison cover

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Even Nectar is Poison/ Historical Manhattan 1912

After Donald McShane is forced to flee Ireland on a ruse created by his nefarious brother, he joins a surge of immigrants landing in the squalor on Manhattan’s East side. He sends for his wife and two young children who are sailing to him on the Titanic. When the ship sinks, it opens up a steamer trunk full of mysteries. Donald goes to Halifax, Nova Scotia where the dead from the Titanic are taken. There he’s shown a strangled woman matching his wife description and who has his wife’s identification on her. She’s not his wife. Donald, unable to believe his wife and children have perished in the freezing Atlantic goes on a mission to find them. Who is the silent little girl rescued from the Titanic by suffragette, Olivia Marsh? What has happened to Donald’s son? This is a drama of family betrayal, murder, class warfare, suffragettes fighting for equality in the workforce, but most of all love.